Fun Chicago Photo Session | McCoy Family

This is the second time I’ve photographed this beautiful family, and Jack gets CUTER and CUTER every year. We had a blast running around Chicago and getting SO MANY gorgeous photographs of Jack (and–oh yeah–his parents too!).

Family photography Chicagoland

So beautiful. One of my favorite images EVER!

Family Session Chicago

Beautiful family, beautiful light.

Child photography chicago

Jack you are TOO cute for words.

Chicago family portraits

You would think we were in the country, but we were right downtown!

Jack just loves his Mama.

And Daddy too!

Jack did this on his own. I mean, that is a photographer’s dream come true.

Love, love, LOVE!

They are like one of the pictures you get in the frames when you buy them. Seriously. PERFECT.

I’m pretty sure Jack was telling me not to follow them here. He was like….”I’m DONE!”

So cute. Sometimes, these are the moments I love best. Kids just being kids. The wonder and amazement that they have at everything in life is so awesome.

Too perfect.

Who ever says that family pictures aren’t fun?

So much love.

Those eyes.

Oh Jack. I think this will be your smirk in about 12 years. So sweet.

I loved photographing this family, and hope that I’m able to do so many, many more times.

If you’re interested in booking a fun Chicago photo session, click here or click contact me at the bottom of this post.

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