Sunset Beach Photography Session Northwest Indiana | Terry Family

A few weeks ago, on a (LITERALLY) perfect evening, I met one of my favorite families at the beach for a sunset session. It was August and the weather was perfect–sunny, 70s (ohmygosh) and cloudless. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

I love beach sessions because they make everything so simple–we shoot for a while, and then we let the kids play for a while and then repeat. The Terry family is not only picture-perfect, but both Luke and Tenley were super happy and super smily all night long.

So…basically a perfect session. It’s a bonus that Mama is one of my best friends.

Northwest Indiana Sunset Beach Session

This photograph has made it into my “all-time favorites” list. I love everything about it. Such a gorgeous family.

family love nwi

So sweet. I mean COME ON!

mama and son northwest indiana

I tried to get this picture of Luke AT LEAST 10 times, but he would only snuggle on Mama while the camera was put away, but I eventually got him, and it was so worth it!

natural family photographs

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

children's photography nwi

This sweet little man just turned one!

terry siblings

Big sister Tenley is such a sweetie.

Such sweet smiles.


I could not love this more. I just couldn’t.

family fun nwi

The light and those smiles make my heart happy.

Such a cutie!

Oh Luke, that smile!!!

Love this little man.

Gah. I cannot deal with how beautiful the light is.

Too much cuteness in just one picture!

brother and sister

I had to put this one in because it is Mama’s favorite! Luke’s face is simply priceless!

terry family playing

I just love that we got one of Chrisanne and Tenley together. So cute.

terry family

Love, love, love. There’s nothing else to say.

Terry family


Lukey loves his Mama more than anyone in the world, and he’s lucky that she has a lot of hair because he had handfuls of it all night long! 🙂

Such a beautiful family, and such an amazing session. Thank you for choosing me to capture these moments!

If you’re interested in booking a sunset beach session in Northwest Indiana please check out my website or click the contact me button under this post!

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Northwest Indiana Beach Session | Banach Family

This is one of my favorite families ever. Not only was Matt one of the best men at my husband and I’s wedding, but I’ve also been lucky enough to capture so, so many of their family photographs. I’ve shot their wedding, their daughter Ali’s newborn pictures and lots of family photographs for them. This time, we got together for an entire Banach family shoot…that’s a LOT of boys who don’t *really* want their pictures taken, but it’s also a lot of boys who will make their Mom happy (this was a gift for Matt’s mom, Carolyn!).

We had an absolutely PERFECT day at the beach and got some amazing shots of this adorable family!

Valparaiso Indiana Family Photographer

This was the first shot out of the camera and STILL one of my favorites of the day! 🙂

Valparaiso Indiana Family Photographer

Love…just love it. Ali is SO, SO cute.

Valparaiso Indiana Family Photographer III

Ali is a lucky girl to have such a great Grandma and Grandpa.

Banach Family

I just love this.

Just the boys!

Well, Ali definitely likes being the star of the show, but she’s so cute how can you blame everyone!?

Love this one. How perfect is that light?

So sweet.

I love everything about this picture–her hair blowing in the wind, her eyelashes. SO, SO cute.

beautiful family portraits northwest indiana

I could not possibly love this more. Such gorgeous light, such a gorgeous family.

Mama love!

I love Carolyn’s face in this one. So perfect.

I cannot deal with how cute she is. It’s really just too much.

Can’t wait to work with this family again!

If you would like to schedule a Northwest Indiana Beach Session, please check out my website or click “contact me” at the end of this post.

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Family Portraits Northwest Indiana | Jenn, Harry and Family

One of my absolute favorite things about being a photographer is that it gives me the opportunity to work with people that I’ve known and loved for years and give them something that will become a family treasure. It sounds super dorky, but capturing these moments for people is pure magic.

I was lucky enough to photograph my best friend Jenn and her beautiful family a few weeks ago, and I was so happy with how their pictures turned out! Love them all!

beautiful eyes northwest indiana 2

This is Jenn’s oldest son, Jack, and don’t let that sweet smile fool you too much–he’s a wild man (though he IS awfully sweet too!).

beautiful eyes northwest indiana

This little man is Jenn’s youngest son Blaine, and I’m also lucky enough to call myself his Godmother. I cannot even deal with how beautiful his eyes are.

beautiful family portraits nwi

I love, love, LOVE this. Seeing Jenn so happy seriously made me a bit teary-eyed.

brothers are the best northwest indiana 2

If there was ever a picture that perfectly described what being a little brother is like…THIS is it!

brothers are the best northwest indiana

Such gorgeous boys.

family hug nwi

Group hug! I just cannot resist Jack’s face in this one! Perfect!

family portraits nwi

Couldn’t ask for a better group! So gorgeous.

family portraits

So much love.

informal family photography northwest indiana

Can we talk about Jack’s tie? I mean how cute is he?

loving family photography nwi

I mean seriously…Jenn, I haven’t seen that smile on you in a LONG time! So happy that it’s back! Harry you’re a lucky guy (Jenn’s lucky too!).

loving family photography session

So much happy!

mama love northwest indiana

This was insane, but I also love how it just really shows what being a Mama to two crazy boys is like. Wild and crazy and filled with over-the-top love.

true love nwi

C’mon!? They are too cute!

wild man jack

Oh Jack. This is my favorite one of you, because I think it is just SO VERY YOU!

It is always an absolute honor to photograph my clients, but photographing my best friend is THE BEST! Love you guys!

If you’re interested in family portraits Northwest Indiana please check out my website or click “contact me” at the end of this post!

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Candid Family Photography Northwest Indiana | Holt Family

I was lucky enough to photograph this beautiful family this summer, and little Audrey is the cutest and sassiest little girl I know! Once you see her parents, you’ll see where she gets it from! This is one of my favorite recent sessions!

Candid Family photography northwest indiana

I love this. Audrey is a very typical toddler and did NOT want to sit still, which I actually love because we get adorable pictures like this one!

Candid Natural family photography

Kisses for Daddy.

Gorgeous Family 🙂

Kisses for Mama!

I can’t even deal with how cute Audrey is and how gorgeous the sun is!

SOO much happy. I love it.

I love this, and I also have some serious hair envy of Mom’s hair!

This may be my favorite from the entire session! I love how happy she is, how Mom and Dad are in the picture without being the center of the picture and how completely natural she looks. It’s simple and beautiful.

She’s so cute.

Have I said yet that they are gorgeous?

I love this in color too, but I love it in black and white more (don’t worry! Mom and Dad got both!)

ohmygosh she so sassy. I should have put one in of her “model face” which was straight-up Derek Zoolander style.

I love getting a few of Mom and Dad by themselves! 🙂 So sweet.

Beautiful girl!

What an amazing session with a beautiful family!

If you’re interested in a Candid Family Photography session in Northwest Indiana please check out my website or click Contact Me at the bottom of this post!

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Natural Light Senior photography Northwest Indiana | Harris Class of 2014

I am STILL so behind on blogging, but I knew I wanted to try to blog this awesome session. Meet Harris class of 2014!

a senior photographer northwest indiana

I met Harris at a local park and he was so great to work with. I don’t know if you guys know this but *some* men don’t like getting their picture taken? Harris was a great sport even though I’m a crazy person!

black and white senior portraits

I just love this! So handsome!

candid senior photography northwest indiana

I can just see his Mom looking at this! It also terrifies me that I will be looking at these pictures of my boys WAY too soon!

candid senior photography nwi

This is one of the reasons I LOVE candid photography and why I “just keep shooting” all the time…Harris had a mosquito on his back, and I’m sure I was trying my best to be funny and this was what we got! It’s one of my favorites from the session!

harris senior boy nwi

Love it!

laughing northwest indiana photography

Almost as much as I love this one.

natural light photography nwi

C’mon!? How cute is he?

natural light senior photography northwest indiana 2

The light is awesome!

natural light senior photography nwi

And again!

natural photography nwi

This one was a Harris original.

natural senior photography n wi

Just so cute.

real photography nwi

Love it!

senior photography northwest indiana

I’ll call this his GQ cover pose.

senior photography nwi

And yes, he did climb that tree, and it WAS his idea! 🙂

It was so great meeting Harris, and the even better news? I get to meet his entire family when I do their family photographs in a few weeks! I’m a lucky photographer!

If you want to schedule a senior photography session, check out my website or click contact me under this post.

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