Northwest Indiana Beach Session | Ralph Family

Once again, the holiday season has left me so very far behind on my blogging. The good news is that it gives us ALL a chance to look back at this beautiful, WARM session at the beach. ::Sigh::

Anyways…I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family, under special circumstances. Ryan is deploying again for a long period of time, and they wanted to get photographs done before he left. I cannot think of a better reason.

Military father session

I get a little teary-eyed just looking at this picture. So sweet!

beach family session

That’s a good looking family! 🙂

large family session

So cute. And look at those smiles! I am so funny!

I just love this.


I was able to get a gorgeous individual image of each child! It must make Mama’s heart very happy! 🙂

I think they love each other!

So beautiful.

I don’t know what it is about this image, but I just love it so much.

So sweet.

Again, just so sweet.

Love it so much.

Thank you guys so much for trusting me to capture your beautiful family! Stay safe Ryan!

If you are interested in scheduling a Northwest Indiana Beach session (when it gets a bit warmer) click here or press contact me at the end of this post.

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Natural Family Photography NWI | Quist Family

I 100% love all of the session I take, but some are really special. This session is one of my favorites ever. First…twin girls, I mean is there anything cuter than twin girls? (The answer is NO!). Second, beautiful weather (we ALMOST cancelled this session because rain was predicted…I’m so glad we didn’t). Third, this session was at a park that this adorable family walks to all the time, they play at this park, this park will be ingrained in their memory when they think about this time of their life. There’s something magical about that. Fourth, these girls names are Madeleine and Katharine, but they call them “MadKat” and I cannot deal with how adorable that is.

Northwest Indiana Natural family photography

This is one of my favorite images of all time. ALL.TIME!

Northwest Indiana playful family photography

I cannot deal with this. It is seriously TOO MUCH! I just adore it.

NWI family photography natural playful

They are just too cute!

Nwi Family photography twins

Love this, and it was a miracle at the very end of the session!


Beautiful Madeleine!


And Beautiful Katharine!

Too much gorgeousness.

Love, love, LOVE!

They probably wanted to kill me for making them trek out on this bridge, but I couldn’t help it!

So sweet!

Kisses for Mama!

I just love twins. How CUTE are they!?

Twin girls nwi photography

Love it! Sessions are sometimes stressful for parents, but they are ALWAYS fun for the kids! 🙂

Twins family photos nwi

So cute!

twins family portraits

So much happy in one picture!

Such a pleasure to capture this family! 🙂 If you’re interested in booking natural family photography in northwest Indiana, press contact me after this post, or click here to learn more!

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  • Lyndsay

    I Love them all!!! I’m so happy we didn’t cancel this sessionReplyCancel

Extended Family Session Northwest Indiana | O’Connell Family

I was so excited to work with this beautiful family FULL of girls! I have two sisters, so I love that this is a family of sisters, and all of them have families of sisters. How awesome is that?

couple photography northwest indiana

So beautiful! Mary Patrice and I went to ELEMENTARY school together! That’s how long we’ve known each other! 🙂

large family northwest indiana

Beautiful family! So adorable!

cousins northwest indiana photographer

Too much sassiness for one picture. How fun would it be to grow up with so many girl cousins??

Seriously, it’s too much!

I just love this! Beautiful girls!

couple photography nwi

I could not possibly love this more!

My favorite part of this image is Dad’s face. You can tell how much he LOVES being the center of attention! 🙂

So gorgeous.

sisters photography nwi

Three sisters!

sisters photography nwi 2

Two more sisters!

Daddy and his girls. I mean c’mon!

I was so glad to be able to capture this gorgeous family! If you’re interested in booking an extended family session in northwest Indiana, please click here, or click the contact me button at the bottom of this post!

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Carlson Family Session | Northwest Indiana Lakefront Session

I was so glad that I was able to squeeze this sweet family in before Allyce moved to Colorado. They were ALL adorable, but Jude was my favorite. He is just too cute!

Here’s a quick preview of their amazing lakefront session!

family of five

I mean, c’mon. How cute are they?

sibling shots

One of my favorite “catch phrases” is that people have to get “uncomfortably close,” and this is why I love it! They are SUPER close, but look how adorable they look?

family photography nwi

I MAY have bullied Mom and Dad to get into a few of the shots, and THIS is why I’m so glad that I did!

cute boy

I mean seriously, this kid is so adorable. I love it!

Family of three nwi

Danny, Allyce and Jude are currently residing in Colorado, and we took these pictures at their goodbye party! I just love this one!

Too much cuteness in just one picture!

sibling photo shoot.

Jude loves his Mama and his Aunt!

pier feet

These next few on the pier are some of my ALL-TIME favorite pictures. They are just so cute.

Gah! I could not love this one more if I tried. Jude’s face is awesome!

pier fun.

But this one MIGHT be my favorite.

family lakefront session

I cannot remember what Jude said to make everyone laugh, but I wanted to hug him to thank him for this picture! 🙂

family lakefront session nwi

Love, love, love, love, LOVE!

It was such a pleasure meeting this family (though I’ve met a few of them before), and photographing them! Best of luck to Danny, Allyce and Jude in Colorado!

If you’re interested in booking a Northwest Indiana Lakefront Photography session, please click here or press “Contact me” at the end of this post.

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Christopher’s Three Month session | Northwest Indiana Infant photographer

I have been working with this sweet family for a little bit over a year now, and I absolutely love it every time I see them. They are pretty much the nicest people alive, and they have three of the sweetest, cutest boys I have ever met. Here are some peeks into Christopher’s 3 month session!

infant photography niw

I mean, c’mon. How cute is he? That sweet smirk, and those gorgeous eyes!

baby chewing hands

This may be my favorite from the day. I love everything about it. I feel like it really shows what he was like at this age. So cute.


Love him. He was so smily!


Love baby toes!

Too much!

Wait, maybe this one is my favorite! Look how much head control he has for such a little guy 🙂

Big brothers got into the action! They wanted a little brother so badly!

Nothing like Mama love. This is so cute.

We were able to sneak outside to do some family shots too! I just love this one so much!

Just perfect.

Daddy had to get in on the action! I can’t decide whether I love the light more, or the sweet look on Christopher’s face.

I just love this. SO sweet.

I mean, seriously? Three months old and he’s already smiling perfectly for the camera! 🙂

If you’re interested in booking an photography session for your baby please check out my website, or click “contact me” underneath this post.

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