Extended Family Session Northwest Indiana | Smith Family

I love shooting extended family photos. I think it’s because it was so incredibly important (to me) to get pictures of my grandparents and other family members. I was so honored to capture this beautiful family, specifically the photos of Great Grandma and all the granddaughters. It is so special.

Beautiful family.

I love that we were able to get family photos of each of the individual families as well as larger family photos! How gorgeous are those girls? And wearing Matilda Jane? So cute!

And that cutie. I cannot deal with it. SO, SO sweet.

Then we got Grandma and her granddaughters. Love it!

Three generations! 🙂

The whole gang! I love Great-Grandma smiling away in the middle!

And this. I just cannot deal with how beautiful Great Grandma looks with all her great grandchildren.

The whole family. Love it so much.

I just love sisters.

And one of Mama and her girls. It’s too much cute.

It was such an honor to capture this beautiful family, and even though we worked through some cold temperatures all of them were troopers, especially the littles!

If you’re interested in booked an extended family session in northwest Indiana or the Chicagoland area click here or click contact me at the bottom of this page!

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Northwest Indiana 6 month session | Christopher Akan

One of my favorite little guys! We’ve already done his 9 month session, but here’s a sneak peek at his 6 month session!

He is so beautiful!

Love that happy face! 🙂

Such a sweet boy!

I love the first year package, especially for families, because they get updated family photos every 3-4 months! Best deal EVER! 🙂

Beautiful family!

Love Christopher’s smile in this one!

One of my favorites!

My absolute favorite from this session! They all love Christopher so much!

Love that we got some shots of big brothers!

That smile! 🙂

We even snuck in a Santa hat shot!

I’m so honored that I was chosen to photograph this beautiful little guy! If you’re interested in setting up a session for your little one click here or contact me at rebecca@rebeccahoylephotography.com.

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Northwest Indiana Sunset Family Session | Perez Family

This is another session that I just love, and just makes me YEARN for summer nights again. The light at this session was so amazing, I just love everything about it. A ridiculously in-love Mama and Daddy, two cute kiddos and a beautiful location. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

gorgeous baby nwi

The beautiful Vivian. I mean, c’mon.

I don’t know why, but this is one of my favorite images from the entire session. I just love some baby drool down the chin. So sweet, so simple.

You would never know but little Anthony was not too into getting his pictures taken. Instead of pushing it, we just played with him and he had a BLAST!

Gorgeous family.

I just love this so much.

So sweet. Just perfect.

Daddy and his girl.

Daddy and his boy! Melts my heart!

This one may be my favorite! Look at those smiles!

Such a sweetheart!

I could not possibly love this picture more. Two gorgeous girls and the amazing light behind them. It’s beyond perfect.

One of my favorite things is to get a picture of Mom and Dad together at a session. For a lot of couples, they haven’t done this for YEARS. This is so perfect.

Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family!

If you’re interested in booked a Northwest Indiana Sunset Family Session click here or email me at rebecca@rebeccahoylephotography.com.

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Northwest Indiana Christmas Mini Sessions | Part 2

Here’s round two of our Christmas mini sessions! Again, we had some weather issues, but–as you can see–we waited around for just the right time. We started these very early in the morning, and it was VERY, VERY worth it. The light was beautiful, and the setting, if I do say so myself, was also beautiful!

Couple photography nwi

First up, was this beautiful couple! I love when couples get Christmas photos done! It is SO smart to get photographs done every year, even if you don’t have kids yet. This is one of my favorite photos of them EVER.

swing nwi

Umm…how cute are they? I just love it.

couple photography nwi

So beautiful. I love this so much.

Courtney and Eli are both incredibly cute and incredibly photogenic.

Love. Just love.

family photography nwi

Next up, was the Brown family. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph these cuties a few times, and they did not disappoint. You just can’t go wrong with those two sweet boys.

It’s too much.

Love this one! Look at sweet Parker’s face! He’s thinking “WHEN IS IT MY TURN!?”

I can’t get enough of him.

And then the final morning session was with the Samples Family. Another one of my long time clients, sweet Clark is one of my favorites!

Too gorgeous. Clark’s Mama LOVES a good bow-tie!

One of my favorites EVER.

Just gorgeous.

The light and the family. It’s just too much.

Oh my word. Clark–you are too gorgeous.

Northwest indiana Christmas Mini sessions were a huge success! Keep watch next season for an announcement, because I will definitely be doing them again! 🙂

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Northwest Indiana Christmas Tree Mini Sessions | Take 1

Each year, I offer mini sessions for clients who are looking for a quick family session to use for their Christmas cards! This past year, due to weather we had to cancel our first day of mini sessions, and instead we were able to do two days of minis–one at a local Christmas tree farm, and the second on my property. Both days turned out to be beautiful, and I was so glad that we were able to reschedule!

Here’s a peek at the first day of minis!

Christmas tree minis 1

This beautiful family is one of my long-time clients (and one of my husband and I’s best friends too!). Beautiful Ali was NOT happy when we started the session, but good thing I’m hilarious and that she recovers quickly! 🙂

christmas tree minis 2

This is one of my favorite pictures…like ever.

christmas tree minis 3

Just gorgeous.

christmas tree minis 4

She is TOO cute. I can’t stand it.

I love how Ali’s looking down like “what’s going on down there?”

christmas tree minis 6

This beautiful family is another one that I’ve known for years and years. I am always super excited to take their pictures because…those two boys are SO, SO cute.

christmas tree minis 7

Love, just love.

christmas tree minis 8

This is too perfect, it must be fake.

christmas tree minis 9


So grateful to work with such wonderful families! I will be having Northwest Indiana mini sessions coming up for Mother’s Day again, so make sure you like the Facebook page so you are the first to know! 🙂

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